Software Solutions

Increasing corporate income, reducing human errors and cutting costs depend largely on having fast-running systems and programs that can undergo a standard process of updating, systems and programs that are user-friendly. We provides you with a team of experts and developers with decades of experience in achieving these objectives from providing and managing the system to performance management and control.


We provide such systems and programs to government and private institutions, companies, hospitals, schools, factories, restaurants, retail stores and warehouses with guaranteed results and technical support for one year free of charge.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Accounting systems and programs
  • Inventory systems and programs
  • Human Resource Software (HR)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems and programs, and many more

Our Products



●  Master Files (Item, Customer, Category/Subcategory, Locations, Suppliers, Crew Members, Promotions)

●  Transitions (Quotation, Invoice, LPO, GRN, Location to Location transfer)

●  Return’s (Customer Return, Supplier Return.)

●  Stock Management

●  Finance Management

●  Inquiry (Document Copies, Quotation History, Item)

●  Administrative (New User, User Roles)

●  Reports (Sales, Stock, Items, Finance, Transaction)